The Adventure of Sir Good Knight book


The children’s storybook is illustrated and 30 pages long.


This good knight book is an illustrated Christian children’s picture book suitable for bedtime or independent reading. It tells the charming story of a squire who discovers a suit of magical armor. He defeats a greedy tyrant on behalf of his king and the Lord.  It is 28 pages long. The story book is designed for children in kindergarten. Kids of all ages will enjoy it as a well for a storybook about a good knight for a good night’s sleep.

Origin of the Adventure of Sir Good Knight book

First written in 1980 when Tom was still living in New Milford, NJ.
Tom and his loving wife of many years Mary Beth decided to publish the book and give it to Terry on his birthday. Terry was so excited to see himself as a character in the book! He asked his father to read it to his class at school and leave a copy for all to read.

Learn more about the author, Tom Geden.

Additional information

Dimensions 11 x 8.5 x .25 in